If you have not accessed the Centipede Digital Billing Portal before, you will need to create an account.

1. Access the main portal login page by Clicking Here. 

2. When the login screen appears click 'Don't have an account?"

3. The Create A New Account option appears:


    Enter your name exactly as it appears on your invoice.

    Enter Your Billing Zip Code

    Enter Your Invoice Due Date

    Enter the Amount Due

4. Click Next, the Email Screen Appears

        Enter your email address

        Create a password

        Confirm your password

        Click Save

5. The Agreement Screen Appears

    Agree to the General Terms of Service

    Click the Signup Button

6. The Dashboard is displayed:

  1.  Returns you to the portal home page.
  2. Enables you to pay, view current bills, view past bills and payment information
  3. Shows you a current summary of your account
  4. Allows you to pay current outstanding bills
  5. Shows your bills that are Unpaid, Partially Paid and Scheduled to be Paid
  6. Allows you to add a note to the invoice
  7. Allows you to contact Centipede Digital,  edit your profile, add or edit bank accounts, update your credit card information, and manage autopay.