Before you can upload your customer list...

File Requirements 

The Import Tool uses .CSV files to create contact lists, and any .CSV file that you import should be structured similar to the following:

When importing .CSV files, be aware:

  • Header rows are required. Header rows are necessary for mapping SharpSpring fields to imported fields.
  • Email fields are required. The Import Tool requires that your .CSV file contain a column mapped to the Email field. You will still need to include the Email column when a contact does not have an email address.
  • Is Unsubscribed fields are required. For SharpSpring to successfully import a .CSV file, the file needs one column header that is labeled as Is Unsubscribed. The Is Unsubscribed field should be a boolean field, where 0 is for leads who are opted in, and 1 is for leads who are not opted in.
  • Utilize first and last names. For the import to be successful, a first and last name are suggested in the event that you do not have an email address for that contact. Use both as often as possible.
  • Values must match. When importing custom field values, ensure that they are formatted to match the custom field values. For example, picklist and checkbox values are case-sensitive.
  • When importing data with picklist and checkbox fields, the fields must be present in the file import in order to appear. Ensure that the picklist or checkbox fields in your file exist before importing. Otherwise, the data may not import properly.
  • When importing to a checkbox custom field, the data cannot have spaces between values and commas. An example of this would be value1,value2,value3. 

Important Information Regarding Imports

Sender Reputation: Evaluating Imported Lists

To protect your sender and domain reputation as well as ensure the long-term health and viability of the platform, when you import a new list SharpSpring evaluates the overall quality of the list based on a variety of factors including an evaluation done by a third-party verification service. If 45% or more of the list contains contacts with email addresses deemed invalid, toxic, or purchased, SharpSpring will not allow your import to continue since these lists would fall into the lowest 2.5% of list quality and have a high risk of damaging your sender reputation.